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forum je nastal izpod rok matthew in kimberly. kakršnokoli kopiranje je prepovedano.

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Pon Avg 24, 2015 11:11 am by matthew adams

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matthew adams

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ObjavljaNaslov sporočila: skupine   Pon Avg 24, 2015 11:11 am


these are the boys that rule the school. they're popular and attractive, they have money and throw the best parties. they don't necessarily have to be perfect, but they're the boys the girls want to have and the boys want to be.


these are the girls that rule the school. they are basically like the all stars but the female version. of course they are the girls that are fierce and glamorous, the ones the geeks dream about all day. they don't put up with anybody's shit and they get what they want.


these are the kids that go to school to play sports. it is a unisex group although it is more leaning on the male side. these kids hangout with the other popular kids like the queen bees and the all star kids. they mostly date cheerleaders and are the kids that are hoping for the scholarships for sports.


these are the schools cheerleaders. they're filled with school spirit and pep.they are the motivators of the school. it is a unisex group although it is more leaning on the female side.


these are the kids that are all about the music. music is their life. they can be associated with mostly any group. a good amount of them hang out in the popular group. these are the kids that excel in music class. these kids get the biggest standing ovation during talent shows at school. they all have one dream though; to make it big. their second home is the music hall.


these are basically the kids that skip school to go get high. these are the hardcore druggies. they don't only do weed. these are the kids that do drugs from the simple ecstasy pills to the syringes filled with heroine inside. these are the kids you look at and wonder if they will ever get a good job. these kids do drugs for various reasons but the main would be because of issues at home.


these are the kids who you'll always see covered in ink/paint/marker in a variety of colors. they're very passionate about their artwork and plan to do it for a living once they get out of high school. this clique tends to keep to itself, but it can also extend to other cliques as well.


scenie weenies can also associate in this group. these are the kids you see in the hallway and you can already tell that they are emo kids. they wear skin tight jeans, black and all the other hooplah.


these are the kids that you know will end up being really famous and rich, the kids that will end up having a mail order bride or someone that loves them for the money they will make in the future. these kids are the future. they're the brainiacs at school. they're the kids that you want to be in a group with in school assignments, not only to get a good grade, but also to get a good grade by letting them do all the work. they usually spend their lunch hours in the librabry.


these are the kids that aren't really the popular ones. they usually don't have any friends and they spend their hours in school all by themselves. .


these kids are the ones who sleep around and are very known for it. mainly consisting of girls, although there can be guys that are considered "manwhores" that fall in this category. sluts vary in who they hang out with, as they can tend to aim for the high-ups in order to boost their own popularity, or they just don't care and will get with whoever.

we're stuck inside the silence in a cold war
Right now it feels like we're bleeding, so deep that we might not get back up. our words will tear through the surface, like a paper, like a papercut. right now I don't know why I love you, but by the morning when we wake up, i'll reach for you and remember It was just a paper, just a papercut
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